Monash South Africa Prospectus 2023 PDF Download

Monash South Africa Prospectus 2023 PDF Download.

The approved Monash South Africa prospectus  2023 for prospective students of the academic year is online. Prospective NCV, NATED, Diploma, and Certificate students are advised to go through the prospectus before proceeding to apply to Monash South Africa.

Monash South Africa Prospectus serves as a guide to everything in the college. The list of courses, admission requirements, fees, and all admission application information is included in the prospectus.

How to Download Monash South Africa Prospectus 2023

The Monash South Africa Prospectus can be accessed and downloaded online in PDF format for free.

You will, however, need a device that is capable of opening PDF files to access the prospectus. Follow the link below to download it from the Monash South Africa website.

Click Here to download it from the official website:

Monash South Africa Contact Details

General enquiries

Future students

Postal address

  • Private Bag X60
  • Roodepoort 1725
  • South Africa

Campus protection services

Residential services

Emergency contacts only

Dial extension 333 from any IIE MSA phone. In an emergency, from all other phones call: +27 11 950 4333 or the South African Police Service on 10111 / +27 11 795 1960.   



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