Courses Offered at HFPA 2023/2024

Health and Fitness Professionals Academy (HFPA) Courses 2023…  Official list of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Certificate and Diploma courses offered at HFPA for the 2023 academic year.

This is to inform the general public and all those interested in studying at the HFPA that the list of courses offered at the institution has been published online and available below.

 List of Health and Fitness Professionals Academy (HFPA) Courses Offered

Below is the list of courses that you can study at the Health and Fitness Professionals Academy (HFPA):


The 3 years offer three qualifications which culminate in a professional hairdressing qualification. The first year is designed to serve as an introduction to the hairdressing industry and provide the learner with the basics of hairdressing.

The second year, registered at NQF Level 3, focuses on core hairdressing activities of cutting, relaxing, styling and coloring. In particular, the NQF Level 3 qualification should result in the learner achieving the status of a Junior Stylist, capable of performing many hairdressing services competently, though still under the supervision of a professional stylist.

Year three, registered at NQF Level 4, focuses on advanced hairdressing techniques such as perming, advanced colouring and braiding and dreadlocks as well as on a series of management functions designed to assist qualified hairdressers to set up and manage their own businesses. This is a sector in which a very large number of skilled professionals set up their own businesses at some point during their career, and a significant number do so immediately after completing their qualifications.

The International Academy of Health and Skin Care Care is proud to be associated with and have obtained full accreditation from the International renowned UK Based Award Body ITEC, offering our students prestigious International Qualifications.


Studying to be a part of the fitness world gives you the power to branch out into the world of active living and turn your passions into a productive and fulfilling career. Everything you need from the basics of anatomy and physiology, the principles of exercise, fitness and health to advanced fitness is covered here.

Over the one year course you will learn theoretical and practical skill over multiple disciplines, like how to plan and instruct your own fitness classes either as a one on one coach or with a group. You will know how best to support your own future clients in their chosen physical activities in any age group, so you can choose to coach sport or train professional athletes in your future.

Let us train you to become the best personal trainer you can be, as we teach you yo design and deliver your own personalised sessions. This course includes nutrition as a subject. So you can learn how best to apply the nutritional principles to your programmes. Health, safety and wellness are also an important part of the fitness environment, and we will teach you how to approach these in your career.

With the International Academy Fitness course you will have the knowledge and the power to build a bright future, as the internationally recognised ITEC diplomas and certificates available to you are prestigious qualifications sought after world wide.



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