Courses Offered at Cornerstone Institute   2023/2024

Cornerstone Institute  Courses 2023…  Official list of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Certificate and Diploma courses offered at Cornerstone Institute  for the 2023 academic year.

This is to inform the general public and all those interested in studying at the Cornerstone Institute  that the list of courses offered at the institution has been published online and available below.

 List of Cornerstone Institute  Courses Offered

Below is the list of courses that you can study at the Cornerstone Institute :

  • BACHELOR OF ARTS (Minimum three years, 384 credits, contact and distance modes)
    • Psychology Major
    • Sociology / Community Development Major
    • Media Studies Major
    • Theology Major
    • BA with Alternative Education
    • Additional Elective course: TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • BACHELOR OF THEOLOGY COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP (Contact and distance mode, minimum three years, 384 Credits)
    • Christian Ministry Major
    • Community Development Major
    • Psychology Major
  • BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (*new) (Distance mode, 374 Credits)
    • Economics Major
    • Entrepreneurship Major
    • Industrial Psychology Major
    • Marketing Management Major
    • Software Development Major
    • Arts Management Major
    • Sports Management Major



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